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There is no place for fear of defeat
in the life of a winner.

(Charles Lynch)


Public relations (PR)

External public relations: connecting the client with state authorities and the local government, economic associations, investors and the overall general public:

  • internal public relations: creating, maintaining and developing communication with the most important resource – the employees
  • media relations: connecting the client with key media and media employees; arranging interviews and preparing clients for media appearances; drafting press releases, reports and media releases
  • organizing special events: introducing the client and his new product or service, organizing cocktails or dinners to mark important dates, encounters with renowned public figures, organizing press conferences, public lectures, seminars, fairs, round-table discussions, congresses, selecting guests, designing invitations, representative press and audio-visual materials and preparing clients for public appearances
  • presence of your services or products on internet forums, blogs, respectively social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace), whereby you’ll have a concrete targeted interaction with buyers of your services or products
  • crisis communication